Canna Tours 2019 cannabis advent calendar will feature flower from elite cannabis cultivator “Blazey Farms”

Canna Tours is proud to announce that our 2019 cannabis advent calendar will feature premium flower from Blazey Farms , hands down one of the best cultivators in Canada. A

After sampling their amazing product in Canna Tours cannabis advent calendar, you will be able to purchase their products directly through them online

Blazey Farms mandate is to provide the highest quality cannabis and concentrates to consumers in Canada. All of their cultivars have been selected based firstly on medicinal qualities, second and thirdly they have focused on potency and terpene profile.

They take extra pride in the selection and production of our cultivars. After years of dedicated work, they proudly offer the most elite and desirable stains in the world.

All of their strains will test higher than 25% THC, that is our guarantee. Our genetics can not be found anywhere else.

Canadian Cream

This is Blazey Farms flag ship cultivar. In our opinion this is the pinnacle of cannabis. With the focused, sweet, creamy fuel nose this ambrosial cultivar is perfect for all day consumption. although Cerebral, stoney and long lasting; Canadian Cream holds its own when it comes to focus, clarity, motivation and creativity. Testing out between 28% and 32% THC, For us at Blazey Farms, this really is the apex of cannabis period.

Lime Dosi-Dos

There will be no surprises here. A mythical cultivar our Do-Si-Dos pheno-type is unmistakable. The brightest greens and the densest trichome stack, Lime Do-Si-Dos leaves little to the imagination. There was no hesitation including this cultivar in our elite selection of cannabis products. Although lime green in color the name has been derived from a underlying lime smell and taste. This cultivar is narcotic and cerebral. Experience a euphoric high that will induce an intense appetite. Consistently testing at just less than 30% THC this is another home run for our menu here at Blazey Farms.

To purchase Canna Tours 2019 cannabis advent calendar head over to our online store at

Cannabis Christmas Advent Calendar

The absolute best gift for any cannabis enthusiast on your Christmas List.

Check out our promo video on YouTube!

With the help of Alter-Ego Marketing, Canna Tours Christmas Cannabis Advent Calendars are back for the 2019 holiday season!

Do you remember as a child getting a chocolate every day in December leading up to Christmas? Now you can relive that nostalgia as an adult with premium cannabis products, including flower and concentrates locally grown and produced on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

BC bud is known around the globe as some of the best craft marijuana in the entire world. In addition to producing world-renowned flower, Canada is known for producing some of the best concentrates. The Canna Tours Cannabis Advent Calendar is the perfect gift for the cannabis lover on your list.

Four arrangements to choose from:
Cannabis Flower Christmas Advent Calendar
Calendar is filled with 25 individual 1 gram packs of premium Flower. Includes a variety of indica, sativa and hybrid. All bags are labeled (1 gram and 0.5 options available).

Assorted Cannabis Christmas Advent Calendar
Receive 25 individual 1 gram packs of a variety of products using premium cannabis. Includes an assortment of Flower, Shatter, Live Resin, Rosin and Gummies, in a variety of indica, sativa and hybrid strains. All bags are labeled.
Cannabis Edibles Christmas Advent Calendar
Receive 25 individual 20 mg packs of chocolate and gummy edibles containing premium cannabis, in a variety of indica, sativa and hybrid strains. All bags are labeled.

Cannabis Flower and Edibles Cannabis Christmas Advent Calendar
Receive 13 individual 1 gram packs of premium Flower cannabis, and 12 (20 mg) Cannabis-infused Chocolates and Gummies, in a variety of indica, sativa and hybrid strains.

Attention Dispensary Owners: Wholesale options available for DIY. Empty calendars available for purchase, and we offer worldwide shipping. For more information, email

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Order Now to receive by December.1st

Post legalization cannabis laws in Canada


There are strict laws and regulations around the legalization of non-medical cannabis. Before you buy, use, or grow your own non-medical cannabis, learn more about what’s legal and what’s not.
Medical cannabis is within the responsibility of Health Canada. To find out more, go to Health Canada.
Legal age
You must be 19 years or older to buy, use, possess, or grow non-medical cannabis in B.C.
To protect your health, keep young people safe and help prevent crime in your community, cannabis will be sold exclusively at government-run stores, licensed private retailers, and the B.C. government’s online store.
The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) operates public retail stores and the online store.
The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch is responsible for licensing and monitoring private retail stores. Cannabis cannot be sold in the same stores as liquor or tobacco.
Adults 19+ can carry up to 30 grams of dried non-medical cannabis, or its equivalent, in a public place.
Public use
Adults 19+ can generally smoke or vape cannabis in public spaces where tobacco smoking and vaping are allowed. But remember, second-hand smoke can be harmful and irritating to people, especially children, so be mindful when smoking in public spaces.
Non-medical cannabis consumption (in all forms) is banned on K-12 school properties. It’s also illegal for both driver and passenger(s) to consume non-medical cannabis in a car.
Local and Indigenous governments can set additional restrictions on public use of non-medical cannabis under existing powers to establish bylaws.
Growing cannabis plants at home is legal. Adults 19+ can grow up to four non-medical cannabis plants per household. These plants cannot be grown in a space that is visible from a public place, like parks, streets, sidewalks, sports fields, and K-12 school properties. For example, you can grow plants on your balcony, or in your yard, as long as they’re not visible from a public place.
Growing cannabis at home is banned in homes that are licensed daycares.
Landlords and strata councils can further restrict or prohibit growing non-medical cannabis on their properties.
Local and Indigenous government can also further restrict growing non-medical cannabis at home under existing powers to establish bylaws.

Canna Tours announces expansion into Toronto’s new cannabis tourism market

Canna Tours has expanded its cannabis tourism operations to Toronto, Ontario. We now offer a number of cannabis tourism packages in and around the GTA.
“With legalization on the horizon, Canna Tours couldn’t be happier to now offer our marijuana tour packages in Canada’s largest city” says Gavin Surerus founder.
Toronto has a vibrant cannabis community. Our custom tailored tours for groups offers a unique experience for the cannabis enthusiast or those who are new to marijuana and are looking to be educated on the medicinal properties of marijuana.
We now offer the following packages in Toronto
Dispensary and vapour lounge tour Limousine and party bus services availableCatering servicesCannabis cooking classExtract making classTopical classBuds and suds tour (craft beer)Couples packageCannabis infused spa package
Visit in the upcoming week for more information

Canna Tours is proud to support Kick Cancers ASS : Annual Victoria BC Fundraiser‎ to 9th Annual KICK cancers A$$! Thanksgiving Weekend

Canna Tour’s is proud to support our good friend Carrie Care-Bear’s Kick Cancers ASS : Annual Victoria BC Fundraiser‎ to 9th Annual KICK cancers A$$! Thanksgiving Weekend.

3 NIGHT EVENT Thanksgiving Weekend Kick cancers A$$! 9th annual Fundraiser! Logan’s Pub 1821 Cook St, Victoria, BC FUCK CANCER! Inspiring ATTITUDE, STRENGTH, SUPPORT LIVE music, Silent Auction, Wheel of Fortune, Door prizes, MAGIC!!! Tickets available at DOOR, ONLINE $20 per day $50 weekend pass
Canna Tours and Grass Roots Craft cup will be supporting the cause on Saturday, October. 6th 4:20-7pm Hip Hop afternoon. Performances from the rappers Prada West, YD from the North , Mr.Esq, K-Deedz and JT Owens.
Prada West:


3 NIGHT EVENT Thanksgiving Weekend Kick cancers A$$! 9th annual Fundraiser! FUCK CANCER! Inspiring ATTITUDE, STRENGTH, SUPPORT LIVE music, Silent Auction, Wheel of Fortune, Door prizes, MAGIC!!! Tickets available at DOOR, ONLINE $20 per day $50 weekend pass Friday 9-1am Metal/stoner/alternative Stinkhorn Klawalka Buzzard Sat: 4:20-7:30 Hip Hop afternoon. PRADA WEST w/Home Guests: YD From Tha North, Mr.Esq Kdeedz JT Owens Special guest: #Lesensdk & his Graffiti Art 7:45-8:30 Shayne King Magic Show Sat Night: 9-1am Punk/stoner Metal/R&R Antipolitic w/Remo, CHUNKASAURUS KOOLER Sunday: 11-2pm BRUNCH 4-8pm Afternoon Hootenanny Night 9-12am hard core Punk: Featuring Savage Henry from Saskatchewan. Gnar gnar Awkward A/C Always bringing awareness to BC Cancer Research Foundation ❤️ Donating to #FelixHuet, standing beside & fight this fkd up Desease. Support behind the scenes: Logan’s Pub The Invisible Orange Promotions Ephin/SDK Colwood Carmart The Zone FM 91.3 Absolute Underground Magazine Van Isle Tattoo Expo Cavity Curiosity Shop Family & Friends M2Graphix 2 Guys & a Press Style n Print Apparel Big Daddy’s Fish fry Tofino 250Boys Demon Doll BCBD BC Bud Depot Good Good Concentrates Lightbox Project Scott Fraser Photography BrokenneckRadio
Chance to win and bit on Grass Roots Space Queen shatter and grass Roots T-Shirts

Canna Tours excited for legalization after successful soft launch of pedi-cab dispensary tours in Victoria, BC this past summer

Victoria, British Columbia’s economy thrives on tourism. With over 600,000 tourists arriving in Victoria every year just from the cruise ships alone, the Garden City has become one of Canada’s busiest ports. When traveling, I always want to smoke some of the finest that the city I am in has to offer; and so does a percentage of the 600,000 guests that are arriving in Victoria. This is how Canna Tour’s pedi-cab dispensary and city package came alive in the summer of 2017.
Canna Tours was founded in 2015, around the same time the Grass Roots Craft Cup, Expo and Dispensary tour was also getting off the ground. On October 1st , 2016 Canna Tours ran a group of four buses that took over 150 guests to more than twelve dispensaries over the course of the Grass Roots Weekend and, again the following year in the summer of 2017.
After receiving so much positive feedback Canna Tours kept testing the waters of a new tourism space that Canada had never seen before. After seeing the success of cannabis tourism in places like Denver and Seattle, where recreational cannabis is legal in the United States, I realized that this was a budding industry that I knew I wanted to be a part of.
We are getting emails from all over the world inquiring about and booking our tours, and it is only going to get busier after legalization. We are positioning ourselves now and partnering with some of the biggest names in the industry, so when the Liberal government hits the switch and recreational consumption is legal in Canada, we are going to hit the ground running.

Canna Tours’ pedi-cab takes our guests on a 3 hour dispensary tour around beautiful downtown Victoria. We visit multiple dispensaries and educate our guests on the different ways to consume and enjoy cannabis. We then continue the tour through the Inner Harbour, and blast a joint in Beacon Hill Park, an old growth forest home to over 25,000 flowers. After a quick stop at a local favourite Victoria eatery, the tour finishes at a cannabis smoking lounge in the heart of the city.
2018’s tourist season has now come to a close and we couldn’t be more excited to see what’s in store for cannabis tourism once recreational cannabis is legal in Canada in 2019. The response we got from our pedi-cab dispensary tours was amazing; cannabis tourism will be alive and well next season in Canada. Canna Tours will still be offering a variety of our other tours in Victoria during the winter months.
Will legalization make Canada a global dope destination?
‘The world is watching,’ says one B.C. weed tour founder. ‘We’re going to be the new Amsterdam.’

Canna Tours at the Grass Roots Craft Cannabis Cup with Fetty Wap in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Canna Tours was at its third annual Grass Roots Craft Cup Gala and Awards on August 31st in Victoria BC.
This was the first year that Canna Tours did not run its tours over the weekend, as we want to stay compliant and under the radar until legalization. Canna Tours had over 350 guests attend our cannabis tours and visited over 15 dispensaries and a vapour lounge over the course of the weekends in 2016 and 2017. After two successful years at the DaVinci Centre, this year’s event was held at Distrikt Nightclub on Friday August 31st starting at 6PM.
As always this year’s judges packs did not disappoint. The 2018 judges packs were stuffed with some of British Columbia’s finest cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, shatter, live resin, waxes, rosins , distillates, CBF and topical products.
This year’s event set the bar high with an awards gala and Grammy-nominated Hip Hop artist Fetty Wap. After the show we sat down with Fetty and got smoked out with the “Trap Queen” superstar and enjoyed a Blue Dream blunt.

He was a super humble guy. We talked about how cannabis is being accepted more where he is from in New Jersey. As this was his first Canadian tour I informed him of how cannabis has always been more accepted on the West Coast and how Victoria and Vancouver produce some of the best cannabis in the world. Of course we sent him on his way with a couple of the judges bags to enjoy! I’m sure as he continues across Canada, he will be on his own cannabis tour; growers from all over the country will be wanting to get their products into the cannabis activist’s hands.
The Grass Roots 2018 elite gala was a nod of appreciation to the craft community for all their hard work over the years, insuring craft has its place in this new booming industry. It gave everyone a chance to network and mingle with like-minded members of our cannabis community, while enjoying tasty hors d’oeuvres and a complimentary glass of champagne, courtesy of Grass Roots! The awards presentation topped off an evening of celebrating the craft cannabis community.

With this year being the introduction of products to Canada, companies are using this as a platform to be recognized and picked up by the distribution or licensed producers. We look forward to seeing what kind of event the Grass Roots Team is going to put on next year once legalization happens!

Cannabis tourism coming to Canada with recreational marijuana on the horizon.

Canada will be the first G7 country, and only the second nation in the world, to legalize recreational cannabis on October 17th, 2018.

With less than a month to go, the world is going to be watching. Canna Tours (, a British Columbia cannabis tourism startup, has been watching the success of similar business models in places like Denver, Colorado, where tourists have been traveling specifically to experience recreational marijuana.
Canna Tours has been testing the waters in Victoria and Vancouver over the past two years and is looking forward to the economy which will come to Canada post legalization.
Canna Tours is a British Columbia cannabis tourism startup founded in 2015.
Canna Tours gives you a glimpse inside Canada’s brand new cannabis industry. We are partnering with the country’s top cannabis companies and like-minded businesses to create educational and unique experiences for tourists around the world.
Learn how cannabis can be beneficial through its many forms, whether it be flower, concentrates, topical, edibles or CBD.
We offer multiple different cannabis experiences and will be expanding our business to multiple new markets after October 17, 2018.
Thank you to MacClean’s magazine for the feature.

Canna Tours presents the Van Isle Tattoo Expo afterparty – Mr.EDQ, YD from the North and K Deedz to perform at Upstairs Caberiet in Victoria, BC

Canna Tours and JRK Productions present the Van Isle Tattoo Expo after party at Upstairs Cabaret on Sunday, September 2nd. The team at JRK Productions is excited and proud to bring a world class tattoo convention to our beautiful home of Victoria, the capital city of BC located on Vancouver Island. Surrounded in natural beauty with a vibrant art community, Vancouver Island is the perfect place to host such an event. We have a ton of amazingly talented local tattoo artists here and are committed to putting them on stage with some of the top artists from Canada and around the world as well! Victoria’s hip hop scene is as healthy as it has ever been. Lyrics Studio recording artists will be performing live with Dj Blenz on the 1s and 2s. Lets show our celebrity guests how Vic City Gets down. Mr ESQ YD From the North K-Deedz Spictacular Block Royal Nox (Dockside Green) Aye1one $10 in advance at the Van Isle Tattoo Expo 720 Douglas St, Victoria, British Columbia Van Isle Tattoo Expo Event Hours: Fri August 31 (19+ ONLY) 4pm-11pm Sat September 1 11am-11pm Sun September 2 11am-6pm Live Tattooing, Entertainment, Contests, Inked Model Comp $15 at the door at Upstairs Caberiet at 15 Bastion Square Presented by Canna Tours – Canada’s #1 cannabis tourism and entertainment company. @cannatours