ACMPR Licensing

We can help you access legal cannabis

We take great pride in helping Canadians who require medicinal cannabis; access to the medicine they need to help them with their day to day lives. We have helped hundreds of people all across the country make sense of the mixed messages, answering the tough questions and helping with the difficult decisions surrounding medicinal cannabis access.

CannaTours works directly with a team that is ready to help with patients who are in the MMAR or MMPR programs and want to legally produce their own medicinal cannabis.  We also have designated producers on standby waiting to help those who can not produce for themselves.  Contact us right away to ensure your production site stays legal!

Our team of medical professionals will ensure that your health and safety remain an top priority during the whole process.  We see patients from as far as the most remote regions of Canada to downtown Toronto.  If you need help with medicinal cannabis access we are here for you.

How to Access Medical Marijuana in Canada

Accessing medicinal cannabis and its derivative products has never been easier in many markets across Canada. Understanding what is legal and what lies in the gray area is what we are here to help with.

Accessing Legal Medicinal Cannabis

To legally access dried marijuana flower a patient needs a prescription from a medical doctor and must order from one of the 20+ licensed producers listed on the Health Canada website.  By the letter of the the law this is how it is supposed to be done.

The issue for a lot of our clients is finding a medical professional that is open minded and understands the benefits of medicinal cannabis.  Our medical doctor is legally authorized to conduct patient examinations via skype and providing you suffer from a condition recognized by Health Canada as medicinal cannabis eligible the doctor will provide a prescription for medicinal cannabis that can be filled at any licensed producer in Canada.

Our medical doctor will see you within 3 to 5 business days of the moment your request for an appointment is approved.  We will help you every step of the way to ensure that you are treated the way you deserve to be treated.

Accessing Cannabis Products through Local or Online Dispensaries….The Gray Area

So here is where things get a little confusing for some people and we will do our best to explain how the majority of dispensaries operate and essentially why it is becoming difficult to shut them down.  As we all know governments in general tend to be reactionary and in the case of new or emerging technologies or treatments they are late to the party and by the time they get to the party it has moved down the road to the next big thing.  This is where we are in what must be a nightmare for governments at all levels.

The primary issue is that patients deserve access to all sorts of marijuana derivatives which the licensed producers are not allowed to provide. Here is an example, Joe the cancer lung cancer patient wants to use medicinal cannabis to help with symptom management with a hope that the cannabis oil he is taking will also help eliminate cancer cells.  

According to Health Canada he must order dried medicinal cannabis from a licensed producer and make the cannabis oil himself in order to be doing things in a legal manner.  Joe is not healthy enough to  do that nor does he posses the equipment or knowledge to make the oil so his legal access is non existent.

Enter the dispensaries.  They are based in more and more Canadian cities and are readily available on line and typically stock all of the items that the licensed producers are not allowed to produce at the current time. Reputable dispensaries require a confirmation of diagnosis from a licensed naturopath  that confirms a patient suffers from one of the conditions listed in the table below.  Cannatours is very lucky to have one of the top ten naturopaths in the country taking good care of our patients.  So if you are seeking a simple confirmation of diagnosis we can help you there regardless of your location.

Therapeutic Gardening …. Producing cannabis for personal medical use.

A recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling has upheld the right of patients to produce their own medicinal cannabis. We can help with licensing and grow consulting.  

We specialize in getting  patients access to medicinal cannabis in a safe and legal manner, in most cases our clients  need to see a medical professional prior to ordering from one of the licensed providers or from an online or local dispensary, our medical professionals truly understand what you are going through and are here to help you.

We can provide quick access to medical professionals that can help with either a confirmation of condition visit or a more thorough visit with a doctor who specializes in medicinal cannabis.  We can help in either case.  Clients should expect an appointment time within 5-7 business days after receiving a request for appointment.

Confirmation of Diagnosis Appointment  This will be a short appointment with a naturopathic doctor to confirm that you suffer from a condition recognized by Health Canada as one that medicinal cannabis has been proven beneficial. This appointment satisfies the requirements of most brick and mortar dispensaries as and online medicinal cannabis providers. The cost for this appointment is $179.  

Medicinal Cannabis Possession License  This will be thorough appointment with a medical doctor who is legally authorized to write medicinal cannabis prescriptions,  with this prescription you are able to legally possess cannabis and are able to order from any of the licensed providers.  Our staff will send off your prescription to the licensed provider of your choice and can help in selecting the best provider for your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions-

We are currently compiling a more thorough list but here a few of our most asked questions:

I want to make sure that I am not breaking any laws, how can you help?

We ensure that you fully understand the process to ensure that you are fully complying with every Health Canada and Criminal Code regulation.  We have helped hundreds of people just like you?

How long does the process take?

Typically we can have a patient from their initial consultation to prescription in hand in less than a calendar week. It can be quicker and depending on scheduling it can be a little longer but seldom does the whole process take longer than a week.

My doctor does not support medical marijuana.  Can you help?

Absolutely!  This is what we do best.  We have compassionate doctors ready and waiting to help.  All you need is to be over 25 with  access to your medical records and a Skype account.

How do I know which product is best suited for me?

We have experts available that can help you select products that have helped others in your situation in the past.

My child needs medical marijuana.  Can you help?

As of this moment we are unable to help in this situation, however, we are looking into ways in which we may be able to; as we often get asked this question.

I’m concerned this may be a scam.  Is this even for real?

Yes.  We are unquestionably a legitimate service and have been able to maintain an excellent reputation by word of mouth advertising and steady referral clientèle.  We are very passionate about promoting a holistic approach to healing and living.  We recognize the challenges many ailing Canadians are faced with daily of acquiring their medicine and having a reasonable access to it.  Helping people in need and providing them with practical access to high quality medicinal cannabis products is something we take very seriously.  Our services are 100% guaranteed.

What do I need to complete my appointment

First off you need access to a device that will allow you to use skype.  Most smart phones are compatible as well as tablets and computers.  we conduct an intake interview prior to us taking payment in order to ensure that you are a candidate for medicinal cannabis.  At the intake appointment it will be expected that you will have submitted any relevant  medical documents, prescriptions, etc and that you will have submitted a government issued picture identification to ensure we are conducting the appointment with the correct person.  After the intake interview you will then see the doctor who will issue you a prescription for medicinal cannabis providing the patient is eligible. Should you go through the process and be deemed ineligible we are able to offer a refund.

Do you sell medicinal cannabis products

Quite simply, No.

Do you work for any licensed producers?

No we do not, we can however help you select the best licensed producer for you based on your situation.  Each has a slighlty different approach to the business and different products and incentives.

Do you work for any dispensaries?

No we do not, however we do work closely with a growing number of dispensaries accross the country and hope to have our confirmation of diagnosis card be recognized in dispensaries across the country.

Can you help with permits to grow my own medicinal cannabis?

Yes we can and this service will evolve as soon as the final guidelines come out on August 26th 2016

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes.  We also accept e-transfers (email money transfers) as well from any Canadian bank.