Canna Tours 2019 cannabis advent calendar will feature flower from elite cannabis cultivator “Blazey Farms”

Canna Tours is proud to announce that our 2019 cannabis advent calendar will feature premium flower from Blazey Farms , hands down one of the best cultivators in Canada. A

After sampling their amazing product in Canna Tours cannabis advent calendar, you will be able to purchase their products directly through them online

Blazey Farms mandate is to provide the highest quality cannabis and concentrates to consumers in Canada. All of their cultivars have been selected based firstly on medicinal qualities, second and thirdly they have focused on potency and terpene profile.

They take extra pride in the selection and production of our cultivars. After years of dedicated work, they proudly offer the most elite and desirable stains in the world.

All of their strains will test higher than 25% THC, that is our guarantee. Our genetics can not be found anywhere else.

Canadian Cream

This is Blazey Farms flag ship cultivar. In our opinion this is the pinnacle of cannabis. With the focused, sweet, creamy fuel nose this ambrosial cultivar is perfect for all day consumption. although Cerebral, stoney and long lasting; Canadian Cream holds its own when it comes to focus, clarity, motivation and creativity. Testing out between 28% and 32% THC, For us at Blazey Farms, this really is the apex of cannabis period.

Lime Dosi-Dos

There will be no surprises here. A mythical cultivar our Do-Si-Dos pheno-type is unmistakable. The brightest greens and the densest trichome stack, Lime Do-Si-Dos leaves little to the imagination. There was no hesitation including this cultivar in our elite selection of cannabis products. Although lime green in color the name has been derived from a underlying lime smell and taste. This cultivar is narcotic and cerebral. Experience a euphoric high that will induce an intense appetite. Consistently testing at just less than 30% THC this is another home run for our menu here at Blazey Farms.

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