Canna Tours at the Grass Roots Craft Cannabis Cup with Fetty Wap in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Canna Tours was at its third annual Grass Roots Craft Cup Gala and Awards on August 31st in Victoria BC.
This was the first year that Canna Tours did not run its tours over the weekend, as we want to stay compliant and under the radar until legalization. Canna Tours had over 350 guests attend our cannabis tours and visited over 15 dispensaries and a vapour lounge over the course of the weekends in 2016 and 2017. After two successful years at the DaVinci Centre, this year’s event was held at Distrikt Nightclub on Friday August 31st starting at 6PM.
As always this year’s judges packs did not disappoint. The 2018 judges packs were stuffed with some of British Columbia’s finest cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, shatter, live resin, waxes, rosins , distillates, CBF and topical products.
This year’s event set the bar high with an awards gala and Grammy-nominated Hip Hop artist Fetty Wap. After the show we sat down with Fetty and got smoked out with the “Trap Queen” superstar and enjoyed a Blue Dream blunt.

He was a super humble guy. We talked about how cannabis is being accepted more where he is from in New Jersey. As this was his first Canadian tour I informed him of how cannabis has always been more accepted on the West Coast and how Victoria and Vancouver produce some of the best cannabis in the world. Of course we sent him on his way with a couple of the judges bags to enjoy! I’m sure as he continues across Canada, he will be on his own cannabis tour; growers from all over the country will be wanting to get their products into the cannabis activist’s hands.
The Grass Roots 2018 elite gala was a nod of appreciation to the craft community for all their hard work over the years, insuring craft has its place in this new booming industry. It gave everyone a chance to network and mingle with like-minded members of our cannabis community, while enjoying tasty hors d’oeuvres and a complimentary glass of champagne, courtesy of Grass Roots! The awards presentation topped off an evening of celebrating the craft cannabis community.

With this year being the introduction of products to Canada, companies are using this as a platform to be recognized and picked up by the distribution or licensed producers. We look forward to seeing what kind of event the Grass Roots Team is going to put on next year once legalization happens!